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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


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    What We Do

    Habari is a low cost, ethical and responsible hostel. And yes, we know that hostels are known as a type of accommodation to rest after a journey in Puglia, like everywhere in the world. But this hostel is somewhat different not only because it’s the first one in Bari that offers employment to both Italian and foreign people with economic problems, but also because it’s going to become the district’s pulse.
    153 sqm and 7 rooms to give birth to our project that aims to create connections between local people and people from all over the world.

    We are supported by local experienced partners: associations and cooperatives committed to social, cultural and work inclusivity work with us to build a future for young people that will work with us and to allow them to explore itineraries for the discovery and the development of the territory and the creation of social reality.

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