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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


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    Who We Are

    We are a hostel but, first of all, we are a team of travellers and dreamers who love discovering the world and always coming back home in the end: Bari, our favourite place, the city where we grew up and where we have decided to give birth to this project.

    We strongly believe in the importance of travelling as an educational tool, as the only way to know a new culture and immerse ourselves in it and as an important opportunity to overcome borders.

    That’s why we have chosen Bari, our home place, as the right city for this project: we want Bari to become an unforgettable experience for those who choose to stay and those who choose to leave.

    Habari is a dream that can be possible, our perfect place, the place that everybody would love to find even just to rest for one night. 

    What makes our accommodation facility innovative is the social approach based on the idea of travelling not only for pleasure purposes but also to start a new life in a new country, hoping for a better future.

    We want Habari to be an opportunity of inclusivity for everybody, a chance to find a job and work with us to make “work” an opportunity for equity, inclusion and exchange among communities.

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